About StephenStephen

Stephen Ramirez was a veteran of the Northeast club and concert circuit before making the Bay Area his home. Among the artists he has performed or recorded with are the Zen Tricksters (Stephen was a founding member), the Volunteers, the Jeff Mattson Band, the Honest Tom Pomposello Band, the Reptiles (with David Gans), the Broken Angels, the Gans-Rawlins Band, Vince Welnick and Friends, Henry Kaiser and Eric Thompson, Truth in Dosage with Bob Bralove and Tom Constanten, Eugene Chadbourne and the Ernest Tubb Memorial Tribute Band, Malcom Mooney (CAN) and the Tenth Planet, Mike Lawson,, Greg Lamboy, and the Toni Brown Band featuring John Beland (Flying Burrito Bros.) and Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead).

photo: Craig Isaacs